Thursday, October 15, 2009

Move at work!

How many times do you workout through out the day? Do you sit at your desk all day? How long do you watch TV? How many hours do you spend in your car on a weekly basis?

My message to you today: Move your body. Here are somethings you can do at your desk.

For Desk-Jockeys:
  1. Stretch your kneck forward, backwards, L/R: Reps all directions 3 times
  2. Roll your feet L/R circles: Reps 2x
  3. Chair dips: 2 sets of 8-10 reps slowly
  4. Desk push ups and pull downs: 1 set 8-10 reps. Just like a push up place your hands on the edge of the desk and push up fast and then come down your chest should be close to the edge of the table.
  5. Reach behind your chair on the left and twist to the right. Do the same on the opposite side do as many as you need to feel your back "open up". Breathe throughout the movement an do it slow

Dance, skip, walk, and run where ever you can.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I know I know it's been way too long!

Hello my Zumba dancers! I know it's been crazy long time since my last post. Jennifer reminded me today that I had written since August! That is so not good. But it reminded me that it's important to update and keep you all fed with new information. So I commit to posting more often.

So let's talk flexibility shall we? I wrote a few months ago about the important of stretching before and after a workout. Well now I want to introduce you to the hottest strength AND flexibilty training: Ki-Hara resistance stretching. Ki-Hara resistance stretching is designed to use your body's built in genius. For more information check out my website: and and get the 20 minute workout dvd. It's what your body and your workou has been missing.

Zumba schedule for October:

Kirkland 24 hour Fitness Sunday 9:15 and Monday 730pm
W. Seattle 24 hour Fitness Wednesday 530pm
New Castle YMCA Friday 615pm

Will be guest at Zumba Party on Oct 17th 1-5pm in Renton

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dance Fitness Bootcamp!

Ok kids, this is totally top secret (unless you start telling people!!). Coming in September the FIRST EVER DANCE FITNESS BOOT CAMP!!! Well maybe not the "first" ever! But it's going to be the first Dance Fitness Boot camp you have ever been to like this! Why? Here is a total sneak preview:

  1. Fat blasting drills dance drills
  2. Dance toning
  3. Team dance offs
  4. .....wait I will have to tell you more in a few weeks

But get ready! This is going to be a crazy off the hook Boot camp like you have never seen before. So much fun it will be ridiculously contagious and you simply will not know what to do with yourself!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jump & Jab! Get Fit for Fall!

I know hard to believe summer is almost gone! However, Fall will soon be here; Cold, bulky clothes, and the uncontrollable need to nest and "veg" out. Why is it the vegging out has nothing to do with vegatables? I digress.

Getting Fit for Fall is critical to your fitness goals. I am offering services to help combat fall and winter fever...all at the comfort of your home or local gym.
  1. Boxing training
  2. Body weight strength training
  3. Wellness Coaching

1. I am certified boxing trainer and LOVE to through punches! It's not just a stress reliever it's an awesome cardio and strength workout secretly rolled up in one! You will learn to jump rope, super fun punch drills, move like the wind and sting like a bee!

2. I am a certified TRX Body Weight Trainer. Cardio is important to condition your heart which in turn will help the rest of your body lose weight. Strength training helps to burn fat faster! I can train you in body weight training with a tool called TRX. You learn how to use the tool right at home or on the road.

3. I am a trained life coach with over ten year of personal coaching experience. Wellness Coaching is a process by which we work together to bust whatever is holding you back from achieving your fitness goals. If you have a trainer, this is a perfect compliment to your personal training work. We conduct 30-45 minute sessions over the phone. You get full email support in between sessions.

email me for more details!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Awesome Classes on YOU TUBE!!

OK kids, I know you want to you are! I am posting videos from classes as well as tutorials to break down Zumba steps.

Here is the link: don't just watch...subscribe!!! This way you can get the latest videos and updates.

If you are interested in being in a "special" video I am looking for Zumba dancers who want to help put together short videos 1-3 mins. We can do it after class! In fact, just stay after class and we will film it and put it on YT that night!

Zumba classes are hot and on that even possible? You bet! Even hotter with the upcoming Zumba Party!! Remember to email me and reserve your space...because space is limited!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Zumba Faces!

I love my classes and we are having a blast! DON'T wait get your Zumba Party tickets! Email me with how many you want and I will reserve them for you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Zumba Made

It's awesome to see progress. Results motivate me to keep going! These fotos are from March-July 2009!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Zumba Party August 15th! It's Official!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! That's right the first Zumba Party will be on Saturday August 15th 6pm to 9pm at the Lynwood 24 Hour Fitness. Don't worry if you are not a member we got you covered! You will be asked to sign a waiver at the front desk. Ok now on to the juicy details:

This is the a Zumba Party, so dress to impress (YOURSELF)! Do it up with color and be sassy! This is a celebration for all the work you have put into coming to Zumba class!

  1. Buy your ticket to secure your spot!!! Tix on sale starting July 23rd $10
  2. Comfortable fitness clothes (Zumba sassy even better; colorful and fun)
  3. Dance sneaks (or flat sole sneaks recommended)
  4. Towel (you will sweat a lot!)
  5. Water
  6. Big fun attitude! Lots of cheering, singing, hootin and hollarin!

This party is going to be off the chain fun! Bring friends and family who have been wanting to know what Zumba is all about!

To make sure you get in pre-order your tickets today!!!! send me an email with the number of tickets you want! Remember space is very limited so don't wait!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Strength Training NOT just for Bodybuilders

Friends I know this may be hard to believe, but in order to dance forever, you will have to be strong. Dancing is one of the best exercises because it incorporates the whole body. I am a strong proponent of adding strength training and conditioning to your dance fitenss routine.

Now, you dont have to use the typical gym dinasours like barbells or dumbells. In fact, that's why they are called dumbells....get it...yea dumb. There are hundreds of ways to do strength training. My favorite way to train is using my own body weight. The last time I checked I didn't have to lift a car off it's tires, but I did have to squat, bend, and hoist luggage overhead on my last trip.

Body weight also known as functional strength traning is not a new concept. However, it is becoming a more sensible and affordable way to train. Here are ideas for tools to add to your fitness routine:

  1. Resistance bands: easy to transport, store, and use and limitless in work out possibilities
  2. TRX from Fitness Anywhere: As seen on Biggest Loser its one of the HOTTEST tools I have one and use it constantly.
  3. kettlebells: Cast iron balls with a handle. It will eliminate the need for over 30 gym equiptments including the treadmill. or at your local target or play it again sports store.
  4. Hot yoga: Helps to strengthen body from the inside out
  5. Nothing just your body. Squats, pull ups, chin ups, push ups, lunges all these "old school" exercises help increase stength and stamina.

The key is to combine both dance fitness and strength training in your routine. This formidable two step combination will have you reaching your fitness goals in no time!

Here is a couple of demos of the TRX demostration of the TRX

Introduction to TRX

Military style

Keep moving! Build strength, stamina, and life through dance and strength!


Wow are we having fun or what???? We go through songs in class like water. I get a lot of requests for my playlist. You can buy CDs at they provide Zumba instructors with some of the music you hear. Below is my personal play list as I like to keep it hot and fresh at every class. Leave a comment if you want to know more about Zumba, playlists, or my schedule! Love to hear from you!!!

Brooklyn's Playlist, Enjoy!

Style of music

Hip hop

La Negra Tiene Tumbao
Celia Cruz

Yo Vivire/I will survive
Celia Cruz
Latin pop

Shooting Star
LMFAO /Pitbull
Hip hop/dance

Right Round
Flo Rida
Hip hop

Tu Es Foutu
Dance (French)

Black Eye Peas
Hip hop


Dance (French)

Merengue & Cumbia

Elvis Crespo

I know you want me
Hip hop

Quiere Mas
Angel y Khriz

Angel y Khriz

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zumba on Fire in the Puget Sound

Ok so the battle is on! Kirkland Zumba divas brought it today. Class was a blast. Back to kirkland tomorrow and West Seattle can't stand the wait for Wednesday. Keep a look out for pix! The Puget Sound is buzzing! Redmond wants the secret sauce at their dance studio on Tuesdays in July...more to come on!

One of my students asked another student "so how many calories do you burn in this class". She replied, "Girl, I don't know but it's crazy lots! I have so much fun that alone is worth it!"

I LOVE IT!!!!!! Well it's true Zumba is truly an infectious calorie burning solution. On the average a person can burn 400-500 calories easy during class. The key is to give it your all. I have clocked myself at 650 calories. But again its about having fun and moving to the music!

Let's Zumba!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dance for Ever

Zumba lovers of the land, here are my tips for staying fit and healthy so you can Zumba for many years to come:

  1. Drink plenty of water (duh) but especially 1 hour before class
  2. Stetch using a foam roll or balance ball if you have one
  3. Do static stretching; meaning stretching while standing still
  4. Stretch in the morning, throughout the day, before and after class
  5. Stretch...are you getting the picture?...stretch often

Stretching gets a bum rap. Being flexible and improving mobility is an integral part of living healthy. If you want to lose weight, stretch. If you want to garden stretch. If you want to play with the get it!

Why is stretching important? Your muscles support your body all day. Unfortunately most of us spend a tremendous amount of time in one or two positions; sitting or standing. These positions force muscles to go unused for much too long. When you stretch you warm up and increased joint mobility. If nothing else stretch so that you are not in pain as often.

Have you noticed when you have been sitting for a long time what happens when you get up? Yea, lower back feels tight. You might even feel pain in the knees, ankles, calf, even shoulders. Why? Because you have been practically frozen in one position.

So move. Guess what stretching; static, active, and dynamically all help to burn calories too! Static stretching is when you stretch while standing still; such as arms over head while standing with both feet shoulder width apart. Active stretching for example is when you alternate one arm at a time over head. Dynamic stretching is mostly done prior to a specific movement, such as the swimmers arm circles.

The point is if you want to dance for ever increase flexibility and mobility through stretching. Not to mention you will reduce injuries to hips, knees, ankles, and lower back!

Let's Zumba!

Man oh man what a great kick off to the summer!!!!!!! Thank you for joining me in Zumba fun all over the greater Bellevue and Seattle areas. Here is the updated schedule. Feel free to contact me for more information:

Monday @7:30pm Kirkland 24 Hour
Tuesday @ 5:30pm Highline YMCA
Wednesday @ 5:30pm West Seattle 24 hour
Thursday @ 6:30pm Highline YMCA
Saturday @ 11:30am Downtown Bellevue 24 hour
Sunday @ 930am Kirkland 24 hour

For those of you who do not have a membership at these clubs, don't fret...there's another way. I am taking requests for private sessions with you and a group of friends who want to Zumba at home or at a local spot. All you have to do is drop me a line at

I welcome your feedback, comments, questions anytime!

Let's Zumba!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Zumba Update!

I send a shout out to all those of you who have been enjoying Zumba with me! Its so much fun is hard to think it's a workout! I am happy to say that some of my students are buying Zumba CDs and keeping the party going at home.

Quick tips to make Zumba class even more fun....Practice at home! You can purchase CDs or even go the free route and start with YouTube. One of my students said, "I had so much fun after the class I went home to show my husband what I did. The next day I looked it up on YouTube and worked out!"

As you learn to Zumba:
There are four basic steps; Salsa, Meregue, Reggeton, and Cumbia. The good news is that the steps have similar patterns, easy to learn, and repeated often during class. The reason why Zumba is also fitness is because we use arm variations (helps increase heart rate), lunges, and squats (for lower body strengthening), and often engage the core muscles (to sculpt and tone midsection). These fitness elements make Zumba a perfect total body workout.

During class, I preview the steps prior to the song. I give lots of visual cues so that you know what to do. If you have never tried or are new to Zumba just remember if you can walk, you can Zumba!

Class Schedule update:
No Class May 2nd

Monday, March 23, 2009

Zumba Demo

It is understandable that you might be afraid to dance in front of a bunch of strangers. But listen, don't be afraid. The minute you walk into the space you will smile. A great big smile. The music starts and you will forget your fears. If you are still not sure, just come and watch. You will still move your booty in the chair!

Come live the Zumba experience. Demo a class anytime for free. You are welcome to see what Zumba is all about before you try it for real! Please call or email ahead to reserve a demo spot in class!

Keep moving!

Saturday Classes 130-230pm

Zumba Fitness for adults and kids 12 and over. This class will be at My World Dance & Fitness Studio. The studio is at 849 Hiawatha Place South 98144. It is off Rainer Ave heading towards Seattle.

What to wear: Comfortable clothes to dance (Sweats, Ts/tanks, etc). Flat sole sneakers for beginners. Once you make Zumba part of your workout menu invest in dance sneakers (check out

Drink plenty of water and bring water and towel with you!

There is street parking, but recommend coming to class 15 minutes early to get a good space on street and dance floor!

It's time to Zumba!!

Very excited to get Zumba Street ON the street! Thank you for coming to visit this blog. This is where every Zumba with Brooklyn will live; raw, real, and accessible! I have created this blog as my communication tool to my current and future Zumba Dancers. Keep coming back for updates.

This site will be off the hook!!!