Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I know I know it's been way too long!

Hello my Zumba dancers! I know it's been crazy long time since my last post. Jennifer reminded me today that I had written since August! That is so not good. But it reminded me that it's important to update and keep you all fed with new information. So I commit to posting more often.

So let's talk flexibility shall we? I wrote a few months ago about the important of stretching before and after a workout. Well now I want to introduce you to the hottest strength AND flexibilty training: Ki-Hara resistance stretching. Ki-Hara resistance stretching is designed to use your body's built in genius. For more information check out my website: fit2gonow.com and innovativebodysolutions.com and get the 20 minute workout dvd. It's what your body and your workou has been missing.

Zumba schedule for October:

Kirkland 24 hour Fitness Sunday 9:15 and Monday 730pm
W. Seattle 24 hour Fitness Wednesday 530pm
New Castle YMCA Friday 615pm

Will be guest at Zumba Party on Oct 17th 1-5pm in Renton

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