Thursday, October 15, 2009

Move at work!

How many times do you workout through out the day? Do you sit at your desk all day? How long do you watch TV? How many hours do you spend in your car on a weekly basis?

My message to you today: Move your body. Here are somethings you can do at your desk.

For Desk-Jockeys:
  1. Stretch your kneck forward, backwards, L/R: Reps all directions 3 times
  2. Roll your feet L/R circles: Reps 2x
  3. Chair dips: 2 sets of 8-10 reps slowly
  4. Desk push ups and pull downs: 1 set 8-10 reps. Just like a push up place your hands on the edge of the desk and push up fast and then come down your chest should be close to the edge of the table.
  5. Reach behind your chair on the left and twist to the right. Do the same on the opposite side do as many as you need to feel your back "open up". Breathe throughout the movement an do it slow

Dance, skip, walk, and run where ever you can.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I know I know it's been way too long!

Hello my Zumba dancers! I know it's been crazy long time since my last post. Jennifer reminded me today that I had written since August! That is so not good. But it reminded me that it's important to update and keep you all fed with new information. So I commit to posting more often.

So let's talk flexibility shall we? I wrote a few months ago about the important of stretching before and after a workout. Well now I want to introduce you to the hottest strength AND flexibilty training: Ki-Hara resistance stretching. Ki-Hara resistance stretching is designed to use your body's built in genius. For more information check out my website: and and get the 20 minute workout dvd. It's what your body and your workou has been missing.

Zumba schedule for October:

Kirkland 24 hour Fitness Sunday 9:15 and Monday 730pm
W. Seattle 24 hour Fitness Wednesday 530pm
New Castle YMCA Friday 615pm

Will be guest at Zumba Party on Oct 17th 1-5pm in Renton