Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Awesome Classes on YOU TUBE!!

OK kids, I know you want to famous...now you are! I am posting videos from classes as well as tutorials to break down Zumba steps.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/Brooklynspin don't just watch...subscribe!!! This way you can get the latest videos and updates.

If you are interested in being in a "special" video I am looking for Zumba dancers who want to help put together short videos 1-3 mins. We can do it after class! In fact, just stay after class and we will film it and put it on YT that night!

Zumba classes are hot and on fire...is that even possible? You bet! Even hotter with the upcoming Zumba Party!! Remember to email me and reserve your space...because space is limited!


  1. Yeah, now I found something interesting!. I really love to join in a dance class, but somehow I am not one of those person who were born to be a dancer.

    Now I don't have to worry about my dancing talent! I already have something in my goal:" To join a Zumba Class!" I am sure It wont feel me something stressful because fun is all around!.By the way thanks for the video.

  2. Let's Zumba together.
    Everybody dance to the music and to the latina beat.