Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jump & Jab! Get Fit for Fall!

I know hard to believe summer is almost gone! However, Fall will soon be here; Cold, bulky clothes, and the uncontrollable need to nest and "veg" out. Why is it the vegging out has nothing to do with vegatables? I digress.

Getting Fit for Fall is critical to your fitness goals. I am offering services to help combat fall and winter fever...all at the comfort of your home or local gym.
  1. Boxing training
  2. Body weight strength training
  3. Wellness Coaching

1. I am certified boxing trainer and LOVE to through punches! It's not just a stress reliever it's an awesome cardio and strength workout secretly rolled up in one! You will learn to jump rope, super fun punch drills, move like the wind and sting like a bee!

2. I am a certified TRX Body Weight Trainer. Cardio is important to condition your heart which in turn will help the rest of your body lose weight. Strength training helps to burn fat faster! I can train you in body weight training with a tool called TRX. You learn how to use the tool right at home or on the road.

3. I am a trained life coach with over ten year of personal coaching experience. Wellness Coaching is a process by which we work together to bust whatever is holding you back from achieving your fitness goals. If you have a trainer, this is a perfect compliment to your personal training work. We conduct 30-45 minute sessions over the phone. You get full email support in between sessions.

email me for more details! brooklynzumba@yahoo.com

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