Sunday, July 5, 2009

Strength Training NOT just for Bodybuilders

Friends I know this may be hard to believe, but in order to dance forever, you will have to be strong. Dancing is one of the best exercises because it incorporates the whole body. I am a strong proponent of adding strength training and conditioning to your dance fitenss routine.

Now, you dont have to use the typical gym dinasours like barbells or dumbells. In fact, that's why they are called dumbells....get it...yea dumb. There are hundreds of ways to do strength training. My favorite way to train is using my own body weight. The last time I checked I didn't have to lift a car off it's tires, but I did have to squat, bend, and hoist luggage overhead on my last trip.

Body weight also known as functional strength traning is not a new concept. However, it is becoming a more sensible and affordable way to train. Here are ideas for tools to add to your fitness routine:

  1. Resistance bands: easy to transport, store, and use and limitless in work out possibilities
  2. TRX from Fitness Anywhere: As seen on Biggest Loser its one of the HOTTEST tools I have one and use it constantly.
  3. kettlebells: Cast iron balls with a handle. It will eliminate the need for over 30 gym equiptments including the treadmill. or at your local target or play it again sports store.
  4. Hot yoga: Helps to strengthen body from the inside out
  5. Nothing just your body. Squats, pull ups, chin ups, push ups, lunges all these "old school" exercises help increase stength and stamina.

The key is to combine both dance fitness and strength training in your routine. This formidable two step combination will have you reaching your fitness goals in no time!

Here is a couple of demos of the TRX demostration of the TRX

Introduction to TRX

Military style

Keep moving! Build strength, stamina, and life through dance and strength!

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