Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zumba on Fire in the Puget Sound

Ok so the battle is on! Kirkland Zumba divas brought it today. Class was a blast. Back to kirkland tomorrow and West Seattle can't stand the wait for Wednesday. Keep a look out for pix! The Puget Sound is buzzing! Redmond wants the secret sauce at their dance studio on Tuesdays in July...more to come on!

One of my students asked another student "so how many calories do you burn in this class". She replied, "Girl, I don't know but it's crazy lots! I have so much fun that alone is worth it!"

I LOVE IT!!!!!! Well it's true Zumba is truly an infectious calorie burning solution. On the average a person can burn 400-500 calories easy during class. The key is to give it your all. I have clocked myself at 650 calories. But again its about having fun and moving to the music!

Let's Zumba!


  1. Hey Brooklyn -

    Just want to say that you're awesome! Your class is so much fun - it keeps me tapping and smiling all day! Best way to start a day!


  2. No need to say that your class is awesome :) But, where are the pix?


  3. I love Zumbaaaa!!! Here is how the kids think of Zumba :)